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Wallpaper can be custom logic (QML), video (WEBM), web (HTML) files.

QML Wallpaper

This display your qml file. Can have custom plugins.

Video Wallpaper

Supported Formats (.mp3 .ogv .ogm .ogg .oga .opus .webm):

  • Video
    • AV1 Next generation open source codec!
    • VP8/VP9 also known as .webm
    • Theora
  • Audio
    • Opus

HTML Wallpaper

This displays a Chromium 80 site.


Because we use a free video codec (VP8/VP9) hardware acceleration can be difficult.

Intel supports VP8 for the longest time. See wikipedia Intel Video Support

AMD Support: See Wikipedia AMD Video Support

Nvidia Support: See (Scroll all the way down and click on the green GeForce/TITAN for older GPUs) Nvidia Video Support

Last update: October 15, 2020 10:35:12