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Gif Wallpaper

How to create a gif wallpaper

  1. Go to Create -> Empty HTML Wallpaper create_gif_1
  2. Set a name. The rest of the fields are optional and can be changed later. create_gif_2
  3. Right click -> Open containging folder create_gif_3
  4. Copy your gif into the folder
  5. Open the index.html and replace the content with
<style type="text/css">
            background-image: url('myFancy.gif');
            background-size: cover; 
  1. Change the name of the give background-image: url('myFancy.gif'); to your filename

Optional - Use the gif as preview in ScreenPlay when hovering over the wallpaper

  1. Open your project.json and add an entry previewGIF with myFancy.gif as value!
    "file": "index.html",
    "license": "Open Source - MIT/Apache2",
    "preview": "dance.png",
    "previewThumbnail": "dance.png",
    "previewGIF": "myFancy.gif",
    "tags": [
    "title": "My Awsome Gif",
    "type": "htmlWallpaper"

  1. Refresh the Installed list via F5 or "pull to refresh"

Last update: February 26, 2020 21:01:40