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Help with the translations

How can I help with the translations/incorrect spelling?

  1. Setup your ScreenPlay environment as described in the 5 minute base setup guide
  2. Open the QLinguist at C:\Qt\\msvc2017_64\bin linguist
  3. Open the translations file in the translation ScreenPlay git source folder ScreenPlay_translations
  4. Change them and save.

How do I add new languages?

  1. Copy a pre exsisting langauge file and change the name
  2. Search for your langauge code (french in this example)
  4. Open your langauge ts ScreenPlay_fr.ts and change the language="??????" to your liking
  5. Translate text by text. DeepL can help with some languages!
  6. Open the via QtCreator
  7. Add your newly created file to the inside the ScreenPlay subfolder Add_to_project
  8. Also add it to the ScreenPlay Rsources.qrc file via QtCreator Add_resource
  9. Update translations update_tramslations
  10. Commit you changes
  11. Create a merge request

Last update: February 20, 2020 11:10:41